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by Bodynomics

Are you looking for long term sustainable results in your fitness journey with gaining strength & losing fat?

Bodynomics is here for you.

Who are we?

Body + Nomics (Nomos- In Greek means Laws)

We are an elite team of coaches specializing in body transformation (muscle building & fat loss), Performance Nutrition and strength and conditioning.


At bodynomics, we believe that fitness is not just another 3 months of training hard & eating clean, it is a lifelong commitment to taking care of your body & mind. Fitness shouldn't take from your quality of life, it should add to it. And that is exactly what we try to do through our carefully planned customised training & nutrition guidance.




We are a team of highly qualified personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches specializing in Long Term Weight Management, Sports Strength & Conditioning, Performance Nutrition & Injury Rehabilitation. At Bodynomics, we care about YOU and your fitness goals are extremely important to us and we will make sure that you get to your goal in the most efficient way possible by using personalized programs specific to your wants and needs. We design your programs based on an ever evolving client-centric, data driven, biopsychosocial model for overall health.


We believe that every individual can achieve their true potential (or get one step closer to their true potential) by experimenting and finding out the workout, nutrition & lifestyle plan that truly excites them. We help you find this out by using the latest evidence in the field of exercise, nutrition and behavioral science combining it with our experience training hundreds of satisfied clients over the past decade.



Owner & Head Coach

Coach Viru has been a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach with 11 years of experience working with a population of all types including professional athletes, fitness models, general population clients wanting to lose fat and build muscles, older population in improving their quality of life etc. He was a professional athlete and a software engineer before entering into the fitness industry.    


Having been an engineer, his training style is based on a data-driven lifestyle coaching approach.He helps his clients by making them better understand their strengths and limitations, improving their body composition and quality of life through lifestyle modifications, optimal training, proper nutrition and mindfulness. 



M.Sc Exercise Physiology & Nutrition

Certified Sports Nutrition - CISSN

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - NSCA

Certified Personal Trainer - ACE



Strength & Conditioning Coach

Coach Keerthi has been a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach with 10 years of training experience. Clients he trains include professional athletes, general population clients with a focus on fat loss and muscle building. Injury rehabilitation, training for maximal speed and maximal strength are some of his core interests. He was a professional athlete with a degree in Physics before he found his passion for the fitness industry.


Coming from a physics background, his training style has a leaning towards Biomechanics. And having been an athlete for close to 10 years his beliefs are that every individual has a deep physical and mental capacity to express their physical strength to the best of their abilities which they need to experience atleast once in their lifetime. His core beliefs are that good health is the combination of a resilient body and a sound mind.  



M.Sc Fitness Nutrition & Rehabilitation

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist - NSCA

Certified Personal Trainer - ACE


Whether it is personal training for fat loss, strength training, sports specific training or a life-changing body transformation, we will take you on a life changing journey to achieving optimal health, results and maximizing your true potential.


Whether you are a beginner who has never been to a gym or you are a professional athlete competing in a specific sport, we can help you achieve your fitness goals with our customized programs. 


If you're looking for an experienced trainer to take you through each & every workout while being there next to you guiding you, this is for you. 


If you are someone who can get the work done and check-in with the tasks completed every week , online coaching would work great for you!


If you're only looking for only nutrition & training programs designed according to your goals & can take accountability for yourself, this is for you.